Rom Officielle [ROM Officielle] ColorOS V2.0.2i Beta full Oppo Find 7a X9006

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6 Octobre 2013
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Comment installer la Bêta de ColorOS 2.0.2i sur votre Oppo Find 7a X9006 ?

Avertissement : Cette opération comporte des risques. Ni moi, ni Phonandroid ne peuvent être tenus responsables des éventuels problèmes rencontrés. Faites quelques recherches si vous avez des questions a propos de cette ROM, avant de suivre ce tuto !

Présentation :

Le système ColorOS créé par Oppo fonctionne sous Android 4.3 comme la version 1 de l'OS. Cependant, Oppo a fait de gros effort et une refonte graphique de la ROM. Notez quand même que pour revenir sous la version classique de Color OS, vous devrez suivre CE TUTO. Voici une courte présentation :

Et les nouvelles fonctionnalités présentes sur ColorOs 2.0.2 :
Media Center
Added ISO settings in camera
Optimized the front facing camera, now after you've changed the camera mode it will be remembered when you open the camera next time. ---- KL643
Optimized the music player, music in albums will be sorted by track number instead of alphabetical order ---- thanos68 & Timothy Simmons
Optimized the camera night shots performance, improved photos blurry problem
Optimized the focusing accuracy in macro mode
Optimized beautify effect
Optimized HDR photo effects
Optimized the clould album, auto backup only backup photos taken after the latest photos in the cloud album
Optimized the video player interface, changed the pop-up window icon to distinguish with full screen icon
Fixed the issue that the preview of beautify mode is different from the photo taken
Fxied the issue that RAW photos are not displayed correctly ---- Jacob_DK
Communication Center
Added the function to disable mobile data the first time you open the device after flashing firmware ----andriman & Senol EKER
Added the function to auto update VPN settings, you can update the VPN settings in Settings ->Mobile Network -> Update APN
Added the function to press and hold a message in the message list interface to pin it to top
Added a "To top" icon when scrolling in message list interface
Optimized the email display, changed the time display from date to time
Optimized the message interface, tap the profile picture of the contact will now directly enter message interface.
Optimized the network experience, improved the network search speed
Optimized the contact details display, same content of merged contacts will only be displayed once.
Fixed the issue that email cannot accept invitation from others
Fxied the issue that cannot switch the network to 2G only mode ---- Arya Bima & Piyush
System Center
Added support for unified storage, please read the how to at the end of this post ---- Lucky
Updated the touchscreen firmware, improved the touchscreen performance
Added to ability to set password consists of letters and numbers
Added a new screen-on gesture, double tap the homescreen to enable Gaussian blur effect for wallpapers
Added the function to share phone book via message
Added the function to display current network speed in status bar, which can be enabled in Settings -> Display -> Show network speed -- apurvapatel
Optimized the notification center, except for some important notifications, other notification icon will be replaced by …
Optimized the volume prompt, added a check box to stop it from prompt every time.
Fixed the issue that smart cover window is not centered -- sarahsen
Fixed the issue that cannot change lockscreen wallpaper for the slide up to unlock lockscreen -- sarahsen
Application Center
Added the function to clean big files when clean up the phone storage using "Files" application
Added the function to clean duplicate installation package when clean up the phone storage
Optimized the Backup and Restore function, improve the backup and restore speed
Optimized the Flashlight app, now when you turn on the flashlight in lockscreen interface the after you closed the smart cover the flashlight will not be turned off any more ---- MB48
Fixed the issue that auto-run management cannot stop some applications from auto-run
Desktop Center
Updated the ColorOS launcher, removed the app drawer
Added the ability to rearrange applications
Added the function to shake the phone to rearrange the icons when editing the homescreens
Optimized the system animation, including screen slide effects, homescreen edting effect, pop-up box animation etc
Optimized the homescreen editing experience when moving an application to an already full page, the last app of the page will be moved to the next page

Pré-requis :

  • Un OPPO Find 7a FHD (X9006)
  • Avoir le recovery stock OPPO
  • Assurez vous d'avoir une batterie chargée (75% mini)

Téléchargement :

Procédure d'installation :

  1. Copiez/collez le fichier "X9006ColorOS_V2.0.2i_Beta_full" dans la mémoire interne ou externe de votre mobile
  2. Éteignez votre mobile.
  3. Appuyez simultanément sur les touches Volume bas + Power pour redémarrer en recovery.
  4. Puis, sélectionnez English, puis Install zip file
  5. Enfin, choisissez le fichier .zip et validez sur Yes.
  6. Patientez pendant l'installation.
  7. Enfin, sélectionnez Reboot System Now.

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