[ROM CUSTOM 7.1.1][OFFICIAL][G930F/FD/W8/S/K/L]Cosmic-OS v1.2 //OMS [7.1.1_r9]

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Cette opération comporte des risques. Ni moi ni Phonandroid ne peuvent être tenu responsables des éventuels problèmes rencontrés. Pensez à effectuer une sauvegarde de votre système et EFS avant toutes modifications ou flash !

Merci à
S'il vous plaît, Connexion ou S'inscrire pour voir le contenu ou les urls !

Cosmic-OS est une ROM personnalisée basée sur Android Open Source Project (AOSP) avec des fonctionnalités supplémentaires, des performances et des améliorations de la durée de vie de la batterie.

Expect more updates and new goodies in the near future.

Initial Release & Features :-
Based On Google Android 7.1.1_r4 release CAF
Cosmic-OS Customizations:
Statusbar customizations
Brightness Slider
Enable/Disable Show Notification Count
SuperUser Indicator Switch
Double Tap To sleep Statusbar
Carrier Label
Carrier Label Switch
Clock Customizations
Time & date
Day & date Toogle
Center/Right/Left Clock Choice
Date Format
Battery % Text
Network Traffic Indicator
Network Traffic Arrows Switch
Incoming/OutGoing Traffic
Statusbar Cosmic Logo
Cosmic logo Color
Cosmic logo Position
StatusBar Ticker
Ticker Text color
Ticker Icon Color
Recents Panel
Full Screen Recents
Recents Styles
Clock Widget
CLock And Alarm Customizations
Weather Panel Customizations
Calender Events
Navbar Tuner
LockScreen Customizations
Lockscreen Bottom Shortcuts
Lockscreen General Shorcuts
100+ Icons for Shortcuts
Lockscreen Media Art/Enable Disable
Quick PIN/Pattern Unlock
LockScreen Wallpaper
Lockscreen Weather Widget
Lockscreen Icons Color
Quick Settings Draggable Tiles
Customizable Tiles
Dyanamic Tiles Adjustment
Number of columns/rows
Notification Drawer
LongPress Toogles to Enter Settings
Disable Immersive Mode Messages
Force Expand Notification
Quick PullDown
Smart Pulldown
Buttons Customisations
Advanced Reboot Menu
Power Menu Customizations
Power Off
Reboot(Recovery, Bootloader, Soft Reboot)
Power Menu End Calls Switch
Restart SystemUI
Airplane Mode
On the Go Mode
Sound Panel
Long Press Actions
Double Tap Actions
Menu Button(For devices with HW keys Only)
Volume Buttons
Wake Up Device
Playback Control
Ringtone Volume Control
Swap Buttons on Landscape mode
Volume Key Answer
Clock Shortcut
Camera Shutter Sound Enable/Disable
SystemUI Tuner Icon Settings
Enabled By default
Removed Demo mode and Tweaked SystemUI Tuner As compared To AOSP
StatusBar Icons Custmizations
Quick Settings Customizations
Other Features
Perfomance Profiles
LCD Density
Expanded Desktop Mode
Heads Up Switch and customizations
Night Mode
Configurable 0,90,180,270 Degree Rotation
Lock Screen Autorotate Switch
Battery Light Customizations
Notification Light Customizations
Font Size
Performance Tweaks(Kernel Aduitor Inbuilt)
CM root inbuilt
Pixel Launcher
Overall Smoothness Improvements
Optimizations to Improve Battery
Includes All Android Nougat Features

- Camera video recording not working in Google Camera ( Working in Cinema FV-5 )
- WiFi HotSpot not working

Changelog :

Update 01-20-2017
* device/samsung/hero-common/
a6d8ef5 hero: couple interactive mode to display state
7524483 hero: limit the number of fingerprints to 4
a53fa86 [WIP] hero: ramdisk: add default configs for interactive governor
8017b87 hero: ramdisk: clean up
* kernel/samsung/universal8890/
7810e08 universal8890: set min frequency of big cores to 500MHz
* vendor/samsung/hero-common/
5614ffa vendor: hero: sync
152b611 Fix Oneplus 3
* device/samsung/hero-common/
36d9eeb hero-common: redo proprietary files list
* frameworks/base/
084bc33 Revert "DocumentsUI: Set up the standalone file manager for now"
d5521c8 Revert "GlobalActions: Confirm power off"
a2d22cd Revert "Fix thread safety issue"
* vendor/cos/
e36b21f Update vendorsetup.sh
2b5f888 Kenzo: Update 17/01/2017
14ecd98 Add herolte (#7)
* device/samsung/hero-common/
dba2bfd hero: enable su on userdebug/eng builds
ef5418b hero: proprietary-files: sync with N
341cb7f [DNM][WIP] hero: audio: redo mixer configs
* external/DUtils/
224fc25 DUI: Add one handed mode action [1/2]
* frameworks/base/
7c6f083 input: Forward-port support for chained input filters
595d2e9 Support GESTURE_SENSOR input device type with GestureService
424f647 PowerManager: Add proximity check on wake
6e14872 Revert "Fix issue when start android/com.android.internal.backup.LocalTransportService"
68d1231 Revert "Fix InCallActivity onStop call when launch from Lockscreen"
63f60e9 Lockscreen charging: "mAh" to "mA"
* kernel/samsung/universal8890/
8a49be6 include: uapi: videodev2_exynos_media: include mfc_media header
c7bc25c include: v4l2: add needed formats for userspace libs
35df42e exynos: mfc: move header to uapi
20a11db Kbuild: Add missing videodev2 exynos headers.
7913d27 arm64: Add 32-bit sigcontext definition to uapi signcontext.h
51d8fe6 Revert "power: Refactors the code which prints suspend time."
f4cec26 cmdline: set selinux to permissive and remove security_mode
035f4a3 drivers/of: add a helper to easier modify cmdline from bootloader
0792e65 universal8890: apply Samsung changes (DPLT)
* packages/apps/DUI/
d2e3d78 DUI: Add one handed mode action [2/2]
* vendor/samsung/hero-common/
d55a785 vendor: upgrade to DPLT

* device/samsung/hero-common/
eaf63a2 Added cOS Dependencies [Diazz72]
10baeb5 Initial commit [Diazz72]
bce9dac Initial commit [Diazz72]
* device/samsung/herolte/
81f0a87 Added cOS Dependencies [Diazz72]
81b87f2 Initial commit [Diazz72]
a2a5cf1 Initial commit [Diazz72]
* frameworks/base/
b955031 fix syntex error (#2) [Aditya Upreti]
f9c0534 update one handed drawables to pixel blue to match system [Sagar Shah]
89a4a45 One handed mode toggle [1/3] [Sagar Shah]
48e244b [notification]: Correct the sync lock for ManagedServices's mServices. [Sagar Shah]
9c8e6c9 Fix gear not showing when rotation or RTL changed [Sagar Shah]
a92717c Immediately adjust hideSensitivity of Notifications [Sagar Shah]
ea6a251 Navbar tile: one tap to enable/disable, long tap to choose nav type [Sagar Shah]
1eaad75 Ambient-Lifttowake tile: new icon [Sagar Shah]
aaa3855 Add new feature of One-hand UI Mode [1/3] [Sagar Shah]
120870e doze: allow grayscale even if invert boolean is false [Sagar Shah]
aa14fb5 DUI: Smartbar: double tap to sleep [1/3] [Sagar Shah]
04f5098 DUI: Fix navbar edit logspam [Sagar Shah]
* frameworks/native/
c68e8c9 Fix surfaceflinger file descriptor leak [Sagar Shah]
eff8af8 Fix use of open() [Sagar Shah]
b818d39 Add Parcel::writeParcelableVector(std::shared_ptr) [Sagar Shah]
6173a20 Fix clang static analyzer warnings. [Sagar Shah]
f1e8e42 Remove ATRACE from SurfaceFlinger [Sagar Shah]
c49c43d Enable 64-bit support in libs/gui/Sensor.cpp [Sagar Shah]
5c10ca6 Properly align a packed structure. [Sagar Shah]
f3953d8 Cast size to double [Sagar Shah]
32327a0 Add new feature of One-hand UI Mode [2/3] [Sagar Shah]
* packages/apps/DUI/
64f9365 DUI: Smartbar: One handed mode toggle [2/3] [Sagar Shah]
5247930 DUI: SmartBar: D2TS code improvements [Sagar Shah]
09a1b78 DUI: Smartbar: Add new feature of One-hand UI Mode [3/3] [Sagar Shah]
9925b88 DUI: Smartbar: double tap to sleep [2/3] [Sagar Shah]
* packages/apps/Galaxy/
d1701fc One handed mode toggle [3/3] [Sagar Shah]
2a26fed DUI: Smartbar: double tap to sleep [3/3] [Sagar Shah]
* packages/apps/Settings/
67edc42 Add HeroLTE maintainer (#3) [Aditya Upreti]
860dd7e Moves: Enable "Moves" gestures by Google [Sagar Shah]
46dcd83 Fix the momery leak in DrawOverlayDetails [Sagar Shah]

7d70f20 Add Lettuce [Sagar Shah]
* hardware/qcom/audio-caf/msm8974/
e450f54 msm8974: Remove deprecated FM stuff. [Nickolay Semendyaev]
* manifest/
ba93276 Fixup derps (#3) [Harsh Shandilya]
31bb0f6 Add OmniStyle and OmniSwitch [Sagar Shah]
* vendor/cos/
41fb5e1 common : Rewrite versioning [GitHub]
c7fd3e4 Add OmniStyle and OmniSwitch [Sagar Shah]

15bac39 Kenzo 20170115 [Harsh Shandilya]
* frameworks/base/
f9cc97a [1/3] fwb: Add ability to permanently hide apps from recents [Sagar Shah]
* packages/apps/Galaxy/
367b2be Add membar to recents options [2/2] [Sagar Shah]
0f9ebfe RecentSettings: recents panel clear all button tweaks [Sagar Shah]
4c46c4f Galaxy: Omniswitch as Recents Option (2/2) [Sagar Shah]
b03740f Immersive Recents [2/2] [Sagar Shah]
56c27e4 [2/3] SS: Add ability to permanently hide apps from recents [Sagar Shah]
* packages/apps/Settings/
b7ad783 Settings: Let's get to choose keyboard again in Settings. [Sagar Shah]
8d2d40a ChooseLockGeneric: fix crash [Sagar Shah]
9651c5c Expose switchbar background color [Sagar Shah]
8454edd Expose dashboard category padding bottom [Sagar Shah]
847861f [3/3] Settings: Add ability to permanently hide apps from recents Credits to @MrApocalypse for Implementing it in ScrewdAOSP.. [Sagar Shah]


* frameworks/base/
ea6b47d Add membar to recents options [1/2] [Sagar Shah]
2154e5f Add OmniSwitch toggle to protected broadcasts [Sagar Shah]
f1c1676 Recents fab button improvements [Sagar Shah]
634e628 Recents Clear All Button Tweaks and Add FAB to Recents Panel [Sagar Shah]
e4b6f2c Add OmniSwitch as option for default recents [1/2] [Sagar Shah]
d2606fe Immersive Recents [1/2] [Sagar Shah]
c9a2236 Fix visibility of single-line view in expanded group notification [Sagar Shah]
a5b5f05 QS Headers: Don't cut off Brightness slider & button [Sagar Shah]
989905c Custom QS header dpi change behaviour [Sagar Shah]
5e9ae9d Custom QS header extensions [Sagar Shah]
e1afdc5 Custom QS header images [1/2] [Sagar Shah]
0114eab RecoverySystem: Fix the issue in installPackage(). [Sagar Shah]
53ad0f1 Fix guts not expanding when QSPanel is expanded [Sagar Shah]
a8b39d7 Fix issue when start android/com.android.internal.backup.LocalTransportService [Sagar Shah]
3ea630c Exclude users with guestToRemove in getUsers() [Sagar Shah]
8c3ac1b Fix a use-of-uninitialized-value warning. [Sagar Shah]
eecfea5 Fix clipping for edit screen of Quick Settings [Sagar Shah]
efa4cca OBEX : Handle Negative index Exception [Sagar Shah]
ffffe73 [Debug]: Add timeout for dumpNativeBacktraceToFile. [Sagar Shah]
5599e04 AudioAttributes: setCapturePreset: Handle VOICE_* [Sagar Shah]
b28605b Do not turn off voice interaction when close system dialogs reason is assist [Sagar Shah]
ac85987 Emulator: Fix CTS failure caused by removed MANAGE_USERS permission in Shell [Sagar Shah]
340e97c Remove unused variable. [Sagar Shah]
464375a Fix InCallActivity onStop call when launch from Lockscreen [Sagar Shah]
6b7246f [PackageManagerService]: Fixes can not boot issue. [Sagar Shah]
e0f0d63 Added missing @DrawableRes [Sagar Shah]
b0a874a QS: Smart Ambient-LiftToWake tile [Sagar Shah]
974a732 Fix Build [Sagar Shah]
* frameworks/support/
b851395 Remove reference to directory that doesn't exist [Sagar Shah]
a12e5d8 Remove references to non-existant directories [Sagar Shah]
* packages/apps/Galaxy/
2f0db99 Create Recents Fragment [Sagar Shah]
234cfe4 Custom QS header images [2/2] [Sagar Shah]
* vendor/qcom/binaries/
a78a120 msm8952: Add graphics blobs [Rashed Abdel-Tawab]
* vendor/samsung/hero-common/
51b797f vendor: upgrade to DPLT [Jesse Chan]

Version Information
Status: Testing

Created 2017-01-15
Last Updated 2017-01-23​

. Avoir activé OEM Unlock--> voir sujet ici et lire >> <<<
. Etre root et avoir installé le recovery TWRP de votre modéle
. Avoir sauvegardé votre dossier EFS --> (voir tutoriel).
. Avoir une batterie chargée (mini 75%)

S'il vous plaît, Connexion ou S'inscrire pour voir le contenu ou les urls !

S'il vous plaît, Connexion ou S'inscrire pour voir le contenu ou les urls !

1 - Télécharger et copier la rom et les GAPPS sur votre téléphone .

2 - Démarrez dans TWRP et faire un backup puis faire un FULL WIPE

3 - Flasher la rom et les GAPPS

4 - Redémarrer en profiter !


Cette rom est en status TEST , ce qui veut dire qu'elle est pas mal bugée et que tout n'est pas fonctionnel . Il se peut aussi que vous n'arriviez pas à booter dessus ( démarrer la rom ) . Ne vous attendez pas à avoir une rom parfaite pour le moment . :happy1:

Vos retours sont les bienvenus !


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Re: [ROM CUSTOM 7.1.1][UNOFFICIAL][G930F/FD/W8/S/K/L]Cosmic-OS v1.2 //OMS [7.1.1_r9]

Hello Micka et merci pour le partage.

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Re: [ROM CUSTOM 7.1.1][UNOFFICIAL][G930F/FD/W8/S/K/L]Cosmic-OS v1.2 //OMS [7.1.1_r9]

Salut Olivier, avec plaisir ;)


27 Novembre 2013
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Re: [ROM CUSTOM 7.1.1][UNOFFICIAL][G930F/FD/W8/S/K/L]Cosmic-OS v1.2 //OMS [7.1.1_r9]

Merci je vais tester et screenchoooooootttterrrr :D

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Re: [ROM CUSTOM 7.1.1][UNOFFICIAL][G930F/FD/W8/S/K/L]Cosmic-OS v1.2 //OMS [7.1.1_r9]


Avec plaisir :)

Ok pour les screens, merci . Ça fera plus beau dans le tuto héhé!



27 Novembre 2013
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Re: [ROM CUSTOM 7.1.1][UNOFFICIAL][G930F/FD/W8/S/K/L]Cosmic-OS v1.2 //OMS [7.1.1_r9]

Bon 1 er avis !! Mouais....

Impossible d accéder au photos dans galerie pour ma part, seul façon d'y accéder via l'appli photo ou google photo.
Double application Horloge...
Agenda crash...
Application Photo pour les possesseur de Snapdragron.
Substratum, pas mal, On installe plusieurs thème l'app store.

Plutôt très réactive comme Rom. Pas énormément gourmande en batterie au premier abord...

La suite au prochain épisode ou pas..... :frime1: :frime1:

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Re: [ROM CUSTOM 7.1.1][UNOFFICIAL][G930F/FD/W8/S/K/L]Cosmic-OS v1.2 //OMS [7.1.1_r9]


Merci pour le retours et les screens :super:

PS : J'ai supprimé le post avec les screens que j'ai ajouté au tuto :wink:


27 Novembre 2013
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Re: [ROM CUSTOM 7.1.1][UNOFFICIAL][G930F/FD/W8/S/K/L]Cosmic-OS v1.2 //OMS [7.1.1_r9]

Pas de pb :)
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