[ROM 4.4.2][SM-N9005] Temasek's UNOFFICIAL Build - V46.1



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5 Mars 2012
9 557
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Temasek's UNOFFICIAL Build Galaxy Note 3​

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Avertissement : Cette opération comporte des risques. Phonandroid ne peut être tenu responsable des éventuels problèmes rencontrés. Pensez à effectuer une sauvegarde avant d'installer cette rom


Créateur de la Rom:"Temasek" :
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Pre-Requis :

  • Avoir un Galaxy Note 3 N9005 rooté :
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  • Avoir une batterie chargée au maximum (min.75%)

Changelog :
28 janvier 2014 - V41
Add "Slims Hardware Key Rebinding" - SlimROM
- Revert CM hardware key rebinding
Possible mapping are:
ACTION_SEARCH (in app search)
Add last TRDS 3.0 - Calendar
frameworks/base: added national roaming for Saunalahti in Finland
frameworks/base: Disable proximity sensor when screen goes on in ActiveDisplay/PocketMode.
- Active Display (in Pocket Mode) currently only switches off the proximity sensor in some cases.
- If the user switches on the screen itself, the sensor is left running. This change
stops the sensor as soon as the screen goes on. Active Display already started the sensor each time the screen goes off.
frameworks/base: use on virtual POWER_KEY own global menu handling
- we use the POWER_KEY down event to call the global menu from SlimActions
to allow to add shorcuts to the global menu.
- Handle this undependent of non virtual key events and call the global menu
directly without vibration and without delay.
- Just put it into the message que and done
frameworks/base: SystemUI: Pimp-up Media Tile (1/1)
- Allow double-click to start a sleep timer for the currently playing media.
frameworks/base: TRDS change auto detect light conditions method
- Currently on critical light conditions it still switches to often between
on and off which results in bad UX and in worse cases to unusable phone
due that it is permanently switching. To prevend that slacken the light mode
level detection and set it when it goes to dark mode way more higher (LIGHT_CONDITION) and when into light mode back to lower level (DARK_CONDITION)
frameworks/base: FLAG_PRIVILEGED disappears if privileged app is updated and rebooted
- Since Kitkat, an app pre-loaded under /system/priv-app/ has FLAG_PRIVILEGED. However, if the app updated and the device rebooted, privileged flag is unset from pkgFlags. This patch fix issue to assign privileged flag when scanning the updated packages.
- Bug: 12640283
frameworks/base: Only send storage intents after boot complete
- It is not possible to send a broadcast before the system boot is completed. If you do it anyway you will get an IllegalStateException: Cannot broadcast before boot completed.
- If a memory card is inserted or removed while the phone is booting up, there is a risk that the MountService will try to broadcast a storage intent too early, and cause the device to crash.
- Use FLAG_RECEIVER_REGISTERED_ONLY_BEFORE_BOOT to avoid problems with too early broadcasts.
frameworks/base: Telephony: Modify code to check that PUK code length is always 8.
- As per 3GPP TS 31.101 Release 11 section 9.6, the number of digits for UNBLOCK PIN (PUK) is always 8.
frameworks/base: Alarm: Add one more RTC alarm type for poweroff alarm.
- Now we use type of RTC_WAKEUP for the poweroff alarm. Actually lots of other applications also use this type. But these applications never expect the device will power on after it has been shut down. So we need to add dedicated alarm type for the Deskclock or similar applications.
frameworks/base: alarm: add JNI interface for clearing alarm
- Add the JNI for clearing cancelled alarm, otherwise kernel driver would know nothing about the alarm status. E.g. power-off alarm would not be really cleared in alarm driver even it is cancelled in the apps/framework.
frameworks/base: Bringup NSRM(network socket request manager).
- NSRM is a feature to synchronize app socket requests to reduce network signalling and there by save some power.
frameworks/base: Fix alarm wakelock not being released.
- Alarm wakelock was not released when the pending intent was served by the package with a uid not the same as the one which created the alarm.
- Remove advanced for loop from PowerManagerService since the list is modified during iteration and thus resulting to ConcurrentModificationException error
frameworks/base: Wifi: wifi not connecting, once the APN gets disabled state
- APNs are disabled on select network and they are enabled on receiving connected event. But forgetting an APN before the connected event is received,will result all the remaining APN to be in disabled state and they never connect. So, Enabling all the disabled APN on forget network will help to connect automatically to a saved APN.
frameworks/base: Audio: SetForceUse config check in AudioService
- Audio is routed to headset when BT is turned off while audio is played on speaker
- Mediarouter does not have setForce device information when app forces audio to speaker. So while disconnecting BT, MediaRouter is routing audio to headset instead of speaker.
- Added check for setforce config in AudioService.
- CRs-Fixed: 578316
frameworks/base + Settings: Added sahlnaskh arabic font and give it higher precedence than DroidNaskh
- sahlnaskh font is a fork of DroidNaskh font with some issues fixed.
- Details of fixes are in
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- This should fix Jira issue:
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frameworks/base: AppOps: Forward port ops from cm-10.2
Squash of:

Author: Sam Mortimer
Date: Fri Sep 27 21:30:34 2013 -0700
[2/2] AppOps: Add alarm wakeup op
When alarm wakeups are denied/ignored,
the alarm types are remapped as follows:
Change-Id: I3a5023e1f6260004319290e776bdb2daf73e9fdf

Author: Kun Liang
Date: Fri Aug 30 23:56:59 2013 -0700
AppOps: Add data connect control into AppOps
Check user permission before enabling/disabling mobile data.
Change-Id: I6e1895b130788dfccbc0a8523dadf1559b698988

Author: Shashank Mittal
Date: Thu Sep 5 17:24:44 2013 -0700
AppOps: Add Bluetooth enable control into AppOps
Check user permission before enabling bluetooth.
Change-Id: Iefa4ea3319b33b2639beaf38d261d83649bbcf85

Author: Shashank Mittal
Date: Tue Sep 3 19:23:10 2013 -0700
wifi: Confirm user permission before toggling wifi.
Check user permissions before enabling/disabling wifi.
Change-Id: I1ddae6e47f42b6d3fc831c2c135ece75cf9e935d

Author: Qaweck
Date: Dec 6, 2013 06:21
Fix bluetooth and data enable with ProfileManager
Handle the case of system uid in AppOpsManager
Change-Id: I5f9c3ba2e2ed0b1c825b995bf2724066ae796bb4
frameworks/base + Settings: AppOps: Add per Op allowed and ignored counters
- Port from cm-10.2
frameworks/base + Settings: AppOps: Add BOOT_COMPLETED operation.
- Add BOOT_COMPLETED operation in AppOps.
- This operation is used to allow user to control auto start of applications and services at bootup.
frameworks/base: Revert "Turn off carrier provisioning by default"
frameworks/base: Allow override of DUN settings
- Allow override of system DUN settings by setting persist.sys.dun.override
to one of the following values:
2 = not set, 0 = DUN not required, 1 = DUN required
- If the prop is not set or is set to an invalid value the system setting will be used.
frameworks/base: Keyguard: Fix PIN layout on sw320dp-mdpi devices
- Fix a long standing lockscreen layout problem that was introduced in 4.2
- Before:
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- After:
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frameworks/base + Settings: don't disable lockscreen widgets on low memory devices
frameworks/base: Don't confuse stat and stat64.
- Cherry-picked from AOSP:
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frameworks/base: Fix incorrect name in eglSwapBuffers log wrapper
frameworks/base: Webkit: add to support file uploading
- This change adds one function in WebChromeClient for supporting uploading file in browser. In Android 4.4, browser is based on chromium not webkit engine, chromium engine support uploading file and will callback to client to show file chooser, but android_webview client has empty implementation within this callback for file chooser.
- So we solve this issue by adding implementation in framework chromium
client which extends android_webview client, function in framework
webkit client and corresponding functions in browser app.
frameworks/base + Settings: Drop Lockscreen vibrate option
- It doesn't make sense to keep haptic feedback on, but disable it only for that little unlock icon. This option didn't do anything more than that.
Let's drop it and don't confuse users.
frameworks/base: lights: Add music light support
frameworks/base: Set Settings.Global.WIFI_SUSPEND_OPTIMIZATIONS_ENABLED default value
- To be able to customize the "WiFi optimization" setting we need to set a default value.
frameworks/base: Perform NTP lookup at Mobile data connections
- If NITZ isn't supported by the current carrier the Android framework relies instead on a remote NTP server to set the system clock. The NetworkTimeUpdateService class polls for NTP time during the first 4 minutes after boot, failing to get NTP time within these minutes will increase the polling interval to 24 hours. Hence, if a data connection isn't activated directly after boot it can take a long time for the system clock to be updated. To prevent this situation, NTP lookup is scheduled as soon as a Mobile data connection has been established.
frameworks/base: Appears black screen fix for a while
- This issue is side-effect of added google patch on KK MR1.
- Fix a couple of issues with mOpeningApps.
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- [Reproduce path]
Settings -> Location -> Location OFF -> Location ON -> "Location consent Dialog" Popup-> "Agree btn" press
-> Black screen appears for a while
frameworks/base: AppOps: Enable MODE_IGNORED for OP_WAKE_LOCK
*) Kitkat commit log highlights that the current
implementation state is for auditing only

*) We go one step further and honour MODE_IGNORED
when for OP_WAKE_LOCK.
frameworks/base: handle for our navigation bar recentspreload in the button
- Recents screen is since some time wonky. With new hardwarekey rebinding
it showed now only more how wonky it is due that home button does not
cancel the preload always to keep the hwkey button logic alive.
As well a problem is that if you bind recents to whatever other navbar
button the preload takes no effect at all (is only binded from google to
the recent tagged view)
- Whatever to solve this let the buttons itself decide dependend on the
action if a preload or cancelpreload is needed an peform the action.
- This solves all the weird recent screen behaviours and we will need it for
the new recents screen which is in development as well
- It looks a bit weird to aquire the statusbar service here for this but in the
button itself there are not much other alternatives. In theory we could set listeners like google but instead to all buttons and fetch the action from there to decide but this gives a problem to get if it was a longpress recents or a normal press recents.
- So this way seems to be ok.
frameworks/base: handle globalmenu in SlimActions not over Powerbutton anymore
- We used till now a hacky workaround to show up the Power menu which worked but is indeed not the best way. Last tweek on it broke 3rd party root application which use similar hackish workaround.
- Whatever make global menu over wm service available and call it from
SlimActions directly. This respects of course the usual security checks
if the device is provisioned etc
Settings: Fix one NPE in tethering setting
- Once we not declare BT feature, go Setting->more->tethering will trigger this NPE.
- Cherry-picked from AOSP:
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Dialer - Full theme capabilities
Email - Full theme capabilities
smdk4412-common: camera: Hold 25 msec between preview cycles on restart
- If doing a preview restart with an active listener, give said listener a bit of time to clean up before starting up the preview again. This should be sufficient to prevent shutdown/start race conditions during externally triggered restarts.
Updated cm source - Quite a fair bit. Read on your own

07 janvier 2014 - v28 :
SystemUI/Settings: Add LongClick SwitchButton
hlte-kernel: h: fixup config files.
- we don't have dvfs interfaces with cm.
- disable tima .
Settings: Use solid actionbar
When the action bar is visible, use the solid holo dark theme used
by the rest of the Settings app
hlte-common: H: fix tap to pay
hlte-common: Tweak Speaker DRV values
hltee-common: Cleanup board config
hlte-common: audio: ADC# Volume is 0-19 range not 0-124
Add "Sleep Screen" temasek shortcut
frameworks/base: Check for homeAsUp status when collapse actionbar widget
- mHomeLayout should be visible if one of DISPLAY_SHOW_HOME or DISPLAY_HOME_AS_UP are set.
collapseItemActionView only checks for DISPLAY_SHOW_HOME, so applications that only uses DISPLAY_HOME_AS_UP and uses an expandable/collapsible widget (like SearchView) doesn't properly restore the home layout.
- One sample of this behaviour is the DeskClock app. The CitiesActivity doesn't show the homeasup
indicator after collapse the searchview.
frameworks/base: fix reconstruct statusbar illegal argument exception
Finally I got a logcat what is happening in rare cases. If the reconstruct
happens during a notification ticker was send it returns a negative
width value for the static layout and systemUI crashes.

E/AndroidRuntime( 970): java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Layout: -23 < 0
E/AndroidRuntime( 970): at android.text.Layout.(Layout.java:138)
E/AndroidRuntime( 970): at android.text.StaticLayout.(StaticLayout.java :104)
E/AndroidRuntime( 970): at android.text.StaticLayout.(StaticLayout.java :90)
E/AndroidRuntime( 970): at android.text.StaticLayout.(StaticLayout.java :68)
E/AndroidRuntime( 970): at android.text.StaticLayout.(StaticLayout.java :48)
E/AndroidRuntime( 970): at com.android.systemui.statusbar.phone.Ticker$Segmen t.getLayout(Ticker.java:72)
E/AndroidRuntime( 970): at com.android.systemui.statusbar.phone.Ticker$Segmen t.getText(Ticker.java:91)
E/AndroidRuntime( 970): at com.android.systemui.statusbar.phone.Ticker.addEnt ry(Ticker.java:226)
E/AndroidRuntime( 970): at com.android.systemui.statusbar.phone.PhoneStatusBa r.tick(PhoneStatusBar.java:2862)
E/AndroidRuntime( 970): at com.android.systemui.statusbar.phone.PhoneStatusBa r.addNotification(PhoneStatusBar.java:1432)
E/AndroidRuntime( 970): at com.android.systemui.statusbar.CommandQueue$H.hand leMessage(CommandQueue.java:322)

to avoid this check before a new StaticLayout is constructed if the width is < 0 and if this
is the case abort the operation. This is in this case a legit way due that the notification
gets reconstructed during this process later so or so
frameworks/base: privacyguard: Share privacy package name between activity stacks
- AOSP 4.4 now has a stack supervisor with differents activity stacks for home and focus activities. Every ActivityStack instance has a ref to this supervisor. Just share the privacy guard package name throught the supervisor.
frameworks/base: WifiState: Don't aquire transitionwakelock in airplane mode
- NetworkTransitionWakelock is for transition from Wifi to mobile. It will cause device no sleep for 60s. There is no need to acquire it in airplane mode.
frameworks/base: NetworkPolicy: Validate policy templates before updating
- Ensure all the policies to be added are validated, otherwise this service will throw IllegalArgumentException and cause system crash when updating network template after receiving ACTION_NETWORK_STATS_UPDATED.
frameworks/base: Use highp precision for scaled coordination
- If scaled coordination is closer to zero than what the medium precision can store, distance becomes zero and it causes divided by zero.
frameworks/base: Revert "Fix for Concurrency issue reported in 525529"
hlte-common: Add HDR Video in CM Camera
hal: Allow enablment of COMPRESS_VOIP without multisession voice
FIXED - Backup account in "Backup & reset" settings
Add QS Custom Tile[/COLOR][/B] - SlimROM
- Now you can add any custom tile to your Quick Settings
- Available in temasek spare parts
Disable back key on non-intrusive InCallUI
Fixed stylus eraser being rejected by palm rejection
- The stylus eraser appeared not to work, i.e. Android did not respond to input from the eraser. It turned out that all input except stylus input is rejected when palm rejection is activated. The problem was that the eraser itself activates palm rejection when it hovers. The solution is to allow the eraser during palm rejection. This solution makes sense because the eraser input works in the exact same way as normal stylus input.
Settings: Remove ZRAM settings
- Android has proper ZRAM support builtin now, and this code doesn't even work. Remove it.
Updated cm source. - Lots of it.

04 janvier 2014 - v27 :
Settings: Clean up lock screen interface code
- Remove unnecessary (and wrong) user check for the removal of maximize widgets
- Remove unnecessary null checks for the widgets category
- Reorder preference initialization to the same order as they appear on screen
- Extract DPM checking into a function for future additions, remove unused DPM admin class, centralize LockPatternUtils, clean up comments and wrap to 100 lines.
Settings: Forward port sound settings
Squashed port of the following commits:

Forward port miscelaneous audio features
This commit adds:
- Silent mode
- Volume panel style (ptunstall)
Change-Id: I21742ab94e45407111794b5868d9b4f14d7488da

Settings: Call Ring mode what Google calls it, not Silent mode (1 of 2)
Silent mode -> Ring mode cleanup
Change-Id: I4c0c182d59ebeb9e2372a24131506f1a111fe33f

SoundSettings: Show DSPManager
Change-Id: I199150b82c6f5eb72f419dc8c70fb27ed24fbfda

Notification sound-to-vibration conversion toggle
Allows to change the new feature of AOSP 4.2, where all notification are
changed to vibrations on vibrate mode. Instead, allow the old behaviour
to silence sound notifications and to only play vibrations if desired.
Change-Id: I267fc4b62ff045f305cf29c1b4f365e91f7cf1db

Feature : Volume adjust sound preference 2/2
This patch allows the users to choose if they want the audible tone when adjusting the volume
Change-Id: I6d43cba83bf4cf10f2d50502e7cee5408a73c520

Add an option to allow a (subtle) notification vibration during calls.
Change-Id: I7dfbb64334e0e8e7f98d38bf503c053ff1880658

Hide Volume adjustment sound if it's not supported
Change-Id: I8c21c04135ac8d22208c8a2c2feff3863bd43cc0

Allow to hide Vibrate on notification option if it's not supported
also improve codes for need voice capability

Change-Id: If99335301af80c5f5d2c1ed3c20430cb363a690c

Make sure to not crash if DSP manager and/or development apps are
deactivated or deleted.

Change-Id: I92ea5a44bedbb036d59dde11e83052338e9765e8

Cleanup: Use a helper class for system setting binary toggles.
Change-Id: Iad7f8a6bf85b23223e1def18e8c9eaa0f8dd253c

Cleanup: Don't use getApplicationContext() where not needed.
Change-Id: Ie2232857cf88c98c9f2b76996a500e3d3696e6e2
Signed-off-by: Arnav Gosain
Settings: Improve app op details layout.
Settings: Always show band 0
- None of the phones I tested ever displayed Automatic band selection as a choice, probably because no baseband is going to report it supports mythical band 0. Make sure it is always displayed.
Settings: fix exception in BatterySipper.getQuickNameIconForUid placeholder
Settings/frameworks: Stylus gestures features
- Forward-port to CM-11.0
Settings: Add option to toggle the pointer icon when using stylus
- Forward-port to CM-11.0
Settings: Statusbar: double-tap to sleep
- Now default is off
- Enable it via temasek spare parts -> Status bar
Settings: Fix for missing notification volume slider in Volume panel.
Settings: Fix FC when trying to adjust radio band via *#*#4636#*#* dialer code.
1. Add additional strings to BAND_NAMES array for additional bands from ril.h
2. Fix logic when adding band strings to selection list (for loop ends before entire array is read)
Settings: PrivacyGuard: Specify a default value in Settings.getInt method call
- While privacy guard is enabled by default, the default value specified here is returned only when the setting is not defined or not an integer.
Settings: Storage Settings: Allow user to trigger a volume rescan
This change allows to trigger a rescan of a volume with the next restrictions:
- Internal volumes if they are emulates
- Primary volumes
- Non-Removable volumes
Settings/frameworks: LockScreen: allow long-press actions from hardware keys
Allow following actions with button long-presses on lockscreen:
- toggle flashlight (if available)
- play/pause/next/previous track selection
- toggle silent mode

Allow customizing of back, menu, and home buttons. Search
button events are completely ignored on the lockscreen.

Auto-detect hardware keys, only show appropriate menu
options based on the actual hardware keys available on the
device (or completely hide if there are no hardware keys).

Based largely on Danny Baumann's work from gingerbread.

Ported from CM10
Change-Id: I36ea5eb7e93d68de872536dc6d7e93f99ba1621f

Keyguard: Fix for home wake/unlock
sometimes device is waking and unlocking during the same keypress.
Change-Id: I72ea7611d39aac0cd03dfd5aa7036aeef7600140

Use sticky broadcast to convey torch state (1/2).
It doesn't really make sense to store the (non-persistent) state of the
torch in a (persistent) setting. As the torch is sending a broadcast
anyway, make that broadcast sticky and use it to convey the state.

Also unify the torch constants (actions, extras, activity names) at a
common place.
Change-Id: If845bef27cc79990794aa748dce18cfea3bac1f5

Fix Home/Menu/Back keys' unlock
Change-Id: Ibd3842b6ad8e037a2a9f8eb581e7c55900017b0f

LockScreen: allow hardware key longpress to put device to sleep
Change-Id: I54260e21c462bcabd9b6383e22f44d644630b4d3

settings: Deprecate has_led_flash, move to framework.
* We need this to configure default tiles in SystemUI so move it.
* Leave the old one in place so we don't kill every device.
Change-Id: I883f9595f74ab52c8c8152e0105400aaefff4afe

LockScreen: allow hardware key longpress to put device to sleep
Settings: Fix the icon size in app lists.
- E.g. the "Select app" dialog in the profile group configuration uses this layout to inflate the list dialog. However app icons can have non-standard sizes so we enforce a consistent width and height.
SystemUI: Cleanup and enhance notification drawer header - OmniROM
- Crop properly images on tablets and landscale
- Use a separate layer instead of breaking header background
- Fix bug where you couldn't turn header back on after turning it off
- Added a gradient overlay
fb: AppOps: track op persistence by name instead of id
- On XML write, include the op name. On XML read, map the name back to op id (if it exists).
- Persistent AppOp state now follows the op name instead numeric id. This allows upgrades between versions of android that have different code<>name mappings.
fb: WifiController: fix high perf lock sometimes not respected
- When the device screen is turned off, the state is DeviceActive for 15 minutes. In this time, high perf lock is not respected and Wi-Fi power-saving mode will be turned on because screen is off. Fix by adding a new DeviceActiveHighPerfState.
smdk4412-common: camera: Fix loss of focus mode between shots - RC
- exynos_camera->focus_mode can't be relied upon to verify the previous state, since a snapshot will reset the focus state. This was causing any mode besides auto-focus (enum 0) to fail after the first photo was taken, including the default continuous-picture.
- Always make sure the focus-mode is up to date when set_params is called
InCallUI: fix non intrusive incallui layout - OmniROM
- makes the decline/answer buttons evenly sized
- decrease font size of buttons to 13sp so the non-english button labels fit better

S'il vous plaît, Connexion ou S'inscrire pour voir le contenu ou les urls !

S'il vous plaît, Connexion ou S'inscrire pour voir le contenu ou les urls !

hardware/samsung: add 1c:99:4c as murata mac
hlte-common: Add additional camera libs required by some devices
hlte-common: audio: fix voice mic routing + acdb ids
- implimentate a new custom platform api
hlte-kernel: touchscreen: add suspend hooks to synaptics_i2c_rmi
- touchscreen driver currently has no kernel-based suspend hooks. this is causing very high battery drain due to it always being active. (in calls, while in the pocket, etc) this patch ports the framebuffer suspend hook from the generic
synaptics_i2c_rmi4 driver in drivers/input/touchscreen.
Updated cm source. - Lots of it.

Téléchargement :

Installation :

Démarrez dans le Recovery custom (CWM) en maintenant les touches "Volume +", "Power" et "Home"

  • Faîtes un NANDROID Backup via le Recovery en allant dans "Backup et Restore/Backup" ou "Backup et Restore/Backup to External SD".
  • Faites un "Wipe Data Factory Reset" via le Recovery.
  • Ensuite flashez la ROM.
  • Flashez les Gapps
  • Redémarrez

Enjoy :super:

Infos :

Activer le débogage USB :
1) Aller dans "Paramètres/Général/A propos de l'appareil".
2) Tapez 7 fois sur "Numéro de version", un message apparaîtra en disant que "le mode développeur a été activé"
3) Allez dans "Paramètres/Général" et vous verrez au-dessus de "A propos de l'appareil" le nouveau menu "Options de développement".
4) Allez dans ce menu et vous allez pouvoir activer le débogage USB :wink:


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Re: [ROM 4.4.2][SM-N9005] Temasek's UNOFFICIAL Build - V27.2

Avec plaisir, surtout que d'après les retours sur xda elle tourne nickel ;-)


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Re: [ROM 4.4.2][SM-N9005] Temasek's UNOFFICIAL Build - V28

@ tous, Post 1 mis a jour ,nouvelle version V28
Enjoy :super:


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salut version v 30 dispo
beaucoup de ROM ne sont plus mis a jour il y a du mou dans ce fofo ;(


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Re: [ROM 4.4.2][SM-N9005] Temasek's UNOFFICIAL Build - V28

Salut @ tous,
Post 1 mis a jour ,nouvelle version V30 en ligne :super:

Par contre c'est mou ici ??? La dernière mise à jour date du 08/01 et on est le 10/01 :shock:
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Post 1 mis a jour ,nouvelle version Temasek's UNOFFICIAL Build - V41 en ligne :super:


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@tous ,
Post 1 mis a jour ,nouvelle version v46.1 du 18/02/2014 en ligne :super:

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