[Mod] Project ERA : Extreme Rezounded Audio Sense/GPE - Boostez le son de votre HTC One M8

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Installer le mod Extreme Rezounded Audio ?

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Avertissement : Cette opération comporte des risques.Ni moi ni Phonandroid ne peut être tenu responsable des éventuels problèmes rencontrés. Pensez à effectuer une sauvegarde avant d'installer ce mod​

Merci à
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Ce mod a pour but de booster le son de votre HTC One M8 ( plus de basse, de clarté, d'aigus... )... Ce mod n'est pas compatible avec les roms base AOSP !

Caractéristiques & changelog

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Project ERA v15.2:
-Added support for HTC Droid DNA
-Added support for HTC Butterfly
-Added support for HTC One (M7) DUAL SIM
-Minor tweaks to SRS/DTS effects

Project ERA v15.1:
-Fixed updater script

Project ERA v15:
-A few cleanups
-Added compatibility for the new HTC One (M8) 2014 (ALL VARIANTS SUPPORTED)
-Final tweaks for SRS, Dolby and Movie/HTC (MusicBox/VenomSoundEnhancer needed)
-Added new configs to Vocal effect (MusicBox/VenomSoundEnhancer needed)
-Added IntenseBLAST tweaks in AROMA installer

Project ERA v14.2:
-Added support for HTC One Max (International)
-Added support for HTC Butterfly S (International)

Project ERA v14.1:
-Fixed SRS Effects

Project ERA v14:
-Fixed UUIDs in audio_effects.conf
-Added soundfx libraries from HTC One M8 Sense 6.0 leak
-Removed FMAS soundfx library
-Removed ADSP related files
-Removed some libraries
-Removed MPQ Audio Decoding
-Re-tuned DTS Sound with less bass, disabled wide surround and now optimized for earphones
-Re-tuned Dolby Digital Plus with better 5.1ch virtualization effect, Clearer vocals (Enhanced dialog) and significantly decrease fatigue when listening to the effect for long periods.
-Increased speaker size of DTS Sound, HTC Enhancer and Dolby Digital Plus better suited for headphones, making the soundstage and headroom more spaced out
-re-constructed asound.conf
-Updated TFA speaker files from Sense 6.0
-Compatibility for future Sense 6.0 ROMs
-Updated Beats Audio from Sense 6.0
-Added support for Sprint devices (Proper mounting points)

Project ERA v13.2:
-Removed audio/global PCM dump build properties to stop shuttering for people with low storage space

Project ERA v13.1:
-DTS Sound: Perfect WideSurround speaker seperation, lowered bass for realistic surround sound. Speaker audio config just like HTC Enhancer (A lot of bass)
-Removed framework mods as they were causing 3rd party FC issues for some apps

Project ERA v13:
-Tweaked Dolby Digital Plus (Dolby) for more bass, re-enabled definition and dialog enhancement with CSDecode set to "Music"
-ADDED HTC ENHANCER EFFECT (It uses the SRS Movie/HTC effect) (No more tweaks to retain the intended effect)
-Greatly increased bass on HTC Enhancer effect with SPEAKERS
-Enabled WideSurround on DTS Sound (SRS) for a very realistic sound stage
-Turned off definition enhancement in DTS Sound (SRS) (WideSurround makes the treble too high
-Increased bass in DTS Sound (SRS)
-Loudness Enhancer fully enabled via framework (audiofx tweak)
-New Loudness Enhancer library
-Other audiofx tweaks via framework.jar
-Enabled HPHR/HPHL DAC switch for headphones in snd_msm_soc_2x_Fusion3 and sound_mfg/sound_mfg_DMIC
-Enabled Low Latency Recording
-Handset mic set to analog instead of digital
-New soundfx libraries (Added back some custom compiled ones made by my friend aznrice2k4)

Project ERA v12:
-Fixed MediaLink HD... again (Forgot to place correctly in AROMA)
-Fine-Tuned Dolby Digital Plus with less bass, increased dialog enhancement and re-enabled definition enhancement
-Fine-Tuned DTS Sound with more bass and enabled WideSurround
-Fine-Tuned DTS Sound (Movie) with clearer audio, less distortions and increased widesurround center boost
-24Bit Quantization (S24_LE) for optimal audio quality
-Huge cleanup, mod is now smaller and less bloated
-Removed 5.1ch audio upmixing (Not working)
-Changed audiofx UUIDs according to audiofx framework
-Disabled audio offload (Until HTC properly implements it)
-Oversampling 10240x48000 (491.52MHz) (Since HTC audio playback is forced at 48000 by default)
-Enabled HTC Hardware-enabled AEC (Automatic Gain Control)
-The Beats Experiment:
- PsychoRealism: Enhanced volume, BASS and widened soundstage (All audio devices EXCEPT Speakers)
- InfinitySound: Enhanced volume, TREBLE and widened soundstage (All audio devices EXCEPT speakers)

Project ERA v11:
-New Speex Resampler and Wrapper
-Added secret HTC specific audio properties
-New SR_AudioIn library from Walkman NWZ-F886
-Ported new Sony Digital Sound Enhancement Engine HX from Walkman NWZ-F886
-451.584 MHz Oversampling (10240x44100) (Zero distortion) (Last time I'm Oversampling!)
-Merged GPE Edition and Sense Edition into one
-Corrected some mistakes in audio_effects.conf
-Added SoX (Sound eXchange)
-Now using Floating Point 32 Bit instead of Integer 32 Bit processing
-Automatic Linear PCM conversion via ALSA
-Fully working ALSA MultiMedia1 playback
-Forced HiFi audio mode
-Changed SRC mode to "Best"
-5.1ch audio upmixing via alsa
-Removed unused files
-Very powerful ALSA processing (Could negatively affect battery life and performance)
-Reconstructed asound.conf (Removed slave alias)
-Simplified asound.conf
-Removed libaudio-resampler.so (Already have a more powerful resampler solution)
-Greatly reduced audio artifacts
-Fixed HTC MediaLink HD (For Sense 5.5 Android 4.4)
-Added Qualcomm Media Framework

Project ERA v10.0:
-Now using Audio Pre Processing library from Droid DNA
-Fixed 32Bit audio processing in asound.conf, audio_policy.conf and audio_policy_8064.conf
-Forced 32Bit audio + 180.6336MHz Oversampling
-Automatically adds build.prop lines during flash
-Updated and added a few libraries from Android 4.4.1 N5 firmware
-Updated ADSP firmware from Android 4.4.1 N5 firmare
-Modified init.qcom.audio.sh
-Added Sony Digital Sound Enhancement Engine libraries (Not fully functional yet)
-Renamed whole soundmod from PureXAudio to Extreme Rezounded Audio (Project ERA)

-Tuned PureXSurround again with more bass. Disabled Definition enhancement to decrease static noise. Slightly decreased Dialog enhancement and CS Decoding is now set to Cinema for full "cinema" dynamic range. Realistic full theatre surround sound experience.
-Tuned PureXPsychoRealism with mono Bass (Acts like a virtual sub-woofer) and increased TruBass compression for louder bass.
-Tweaked ALSA a bit
-Reduced distortions
-4096x Extreme Oversampling (180.6336 MHz for 44.1KHz music, 196.608 MHz for 48KHz music)
-32Bit (U32_LE) audio processing
-Audio anti-alaising via Oversampling
-Reduced a lot of noise via Oversampling
-Improved audio resolution via Oversampling
-Added missing MPQ Audio libraries
-Added KitKat AOSP v9.0 which has everything in the normal version EXCEPT PureXPresets (Due to non sense)
-Updated loudness enhancer from GPE KitKat update
-Updated some audio libs from GPE KitKat Update
-Using Beats Audio from Droid DNA Sense 5.0 for more bass
-v9.0 Sense KitKat version has everything above
-v9.0 AOSP KitKat version has everything above EXCEPT from custom PureXPresets and Beats Audio

-Added Loudness Enhancer from 4.4 Kit Kat (A.K.A KitKat's AOSP Audio quality)
-Updated a few soundfx libraries from 4.4 KitKat
-New FMAS library from 4.4 KitKat
-Tuned PureXPsychoRealism with decreased audio focus, decreased definition, much wider soundstage and increased bass
-Tuned PureXSurround (Wired Headphones) with wider soundstage but less bass
-PureXSurround now suitable with headphones
-Tuned PureXInfinity with slightly less definition, increased bass and less audio focus
-Tuned PureXPresets to sound great on speakers
-Added Sony audio libraries and effects for future port of Walkman (Android 4.3) (When someone ports walkman and works on our HTC Ones, I have a huge surprise for everyone)
-Enabled MPQ8064 audio decoding
-Added new MPQ8064 audio hw libraries
-Improved Beats Audio with slightly more bass using Beats Bass as default bass booster

-Fixed LPA lines, now all set to false via 99pure
-Fixed 97pure init.d script
-Fine-Tuned SRS/Dolby/HTC for MusicBox
-Re-Introduced BeatsBass from HTC Rezound
-Disabled Audio PreProcessing to fix SRS/Dolby/HTC surround sound
-Re-Introduced HTC acoustic library
-Slightly more bass with Beats Audio

-Cleaned up a bunch of crap
-Fixed ViperX xLOUD/ClearPhase (Not yet tested)
-asound.conf re-done
-11.6MHz resampling via SRC plugin for asound.conf
-32Bit audio quantization
-No distortions
-Barely any static noise
-Increased beats audio bass (Very slightly)
-Fixed visualizer FC
-Android 4.3 Sense 5.5/5.0 compatible
-Disabled LPA
-Resampler quality now set to maximum of 4 (4 is max for android 4.3)

-Removed xLOUD files, replaced with posteffect wrapper to make xLOUD compatible with ViperOne users (Thanks to :.Infinityx.: for testing)


-Added Samsung Audio Engine libraries
-Added working Sound Alive libraries (system-wide)
-Added mysound, preprocessing and output processing from SGS4
-New ADSP firmware with adsp-loader module which automatically gets loaded upon startup
-NEW MOTO X SoundFX Libraries and NEW audio files!
-NEW Android 4.3 Libraries and added to audio_effect.conf
-Corrected audio_effects.conf
-Fixed FCs on 3rd party Equalizers (e.g Noozxoide) if FC was there before
-Cleaned up some files
-Removed TFA folder to prevent any speaker distortion or abnormalities
-Added xLOUD
-Modified snd_soc_msm_2x_Fusion to make xLOUD work like Xperia devices
-Increased xLOUD volume by 5 values more

-General Clean-Up
-Added a whole bunch of new libraries
-Added some Samsung audio libraries (mysound, soundalive etc)
-Added new WCD9310 firmware from Nexus 4
-Started from scratch again
-Added Butterfly Sense 5.1 audio libraries and Beats Audio
-Fixed low speaker volume (Stupid HTC :p)

-ALSA Ported from Xperia Z's PureXAudio
-Re-written asound.conf from scratch
-ALSA Now uses apq8064tablasnd as PCM to load other plugins
-Enabled Complex Convert
-Enabled Rate Conversion to 48kHz
-Added Dmix PCM
-Added Auto-Convert custom pcm
-Converts every source audio to Stereo
-Much better stereo audio
-Even better audio quality
-Cleaner MP3 compressed audio with less distortions
-Larger buffer size to prevent audio skipping (Uses up more RAM though)
-Forced audio to play 48kHz, FLOAT64_BE format and 2 channels (Stereo)
-Added loads of new ALSA libraries custom compiled ages ago by aznrice2k4
-added apq8064tablasnd soundcard to alias.conf

-Added custom configured asound.state for HTC One
-Force Enabled HAC Amplifier
-Opened maximum amount of channels in all SLIMBUS Mixers
-Enabled a few Mixer switches
-Enabled SRS Effect though SND_SOC_MSM_2x_Fusion3 (DOES NOT LOAD TRUMEDIA FILES! It's just the effect)

BETA 1.3:
Updater script now auto mounts system and data without errors :) (Thanks to legents for testing)

BETA 1.2:
-reverted 192kHz audio back to stock sampling rate

BETA 1.1:
-Removed mounting lines temporarily to fix Status 6 error

BETA 1: Initial release of the official port



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  1. Connectez votre mobile à votre ordinateur.
  2. Copiez/collez les fichiers .zip à la racine de votre Sd card.
  3. Éteignez votre mobile.
  4. Redémarrez votre mobile en bootloader mode en appuyant simultanément sur les touches Volume Bas + Power jusqu'à l'apparition du menu hboot.
  5. Sélectionnez Recovery.
  6. Dans le menu Recovery, commencez par effectuez une sauvegarde en sélectionnant Backup/Restore puis Backup et validez.
  7. Sélectionnez Advanced puis Wipe dalvik cache puis validez sur Yes.
  8. Sélectionnez Install .zip from sdcard.
  9. Choisissez Choose zip file et validez.
  10. Sélectionnez le fichier .zip sur votre Sd card et validez.
  11. Sélectionnez Reboot System Now dans le menu Recovery pour redémarrer votre mobile.
  12. Patientez, votre mobile va redémarrer avec le nouveau mod.

Vos retours sont les bienvenus​


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Re: [Mod] Project ERA : Extreme Rezounded Audio - Boostez le son de votre HTC One M8



17 Novembre 2012
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Tester avec succès,j'ai choisi toute les options conseiller pour le m8 mais perso je ne vois pas trop de différence


27 Mars 2014
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J'avais testé aussi à un moment, c'est vrai que sur les HP pas trop de difference. A tester avec un FLAC sur casque très haut de gamme (j'ai pas encore eu le temps d'essayer, mais sa viendra ^^)


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26 Septembre 2012
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Salut les gars & merci pour vos retours ;)


27 Avril 2014
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Bonjour, est ce que dans l'aroma on est obligé de sélectionner les options obligatoires pour le m8 ou on peut changer ?


10 Mars 2012
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Bonjour merci pour le mod par contre comment fait on si on veut le désinstaller ?


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26 Septembre 2012
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Tu restaure ta sauvegarde


10 Mars 2012
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Ah d'accord, ma sauvegarde ne marche pas donc tant pis
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