Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Will Be Available At the End of the Year

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12 Novembre 2014
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November 11, 2014, IMobile News: Samsung Galaxy Note Edge with curved LCD screen may draw more attention than Note 4. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is seemingly a limited edition precisely because of the curved screen. Samsung also said at the press conference the phone would be available in native South Korea, and Japan and the United States would begin shipping at a later date, the exact time about on November 14 of this week.

When will Samsung Galaxy Note Edge be available in other countries? Samsung promised later this year to market it in time. And Samsung also reported out of the models in various regions of the world. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge (SM-N915FY) will market into Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the Nordic countries, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge (SM-N915G) will be market into Australia, India, Nepal, Singapore and other places. Finally Samsung Galaxy Note Edge (SM-N915F) will be released in Russia, Kazakhstan. Although there are slightly differences among models, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge will provide users with the same functionality in the area as well.
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