[Rom Custom][KitKat 4.4] SkyDragon Eragon Sense/Aosp/GE mix - HTC One (M7)

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Comment Installer la ROM CUSTOM SkyDragon Eragon Sense/Aosp/GE mix ?

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Avertissement : Cette opération comporte des risques. Ni moi ni Phonandroid ne peuvent être tenu responsables des éventuels problèmes rencontrés. Pensez à effectuer une sauvegarde avant d'installer cette rom!!
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Screenshots & vidéos

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-fixed video center programm guide
-embed pure graphic tweaks (thx Jeeko link )
-embed modified googledailer (own dark theme)
-embed modified contacts (own dark theme)
-framework themed to aosp
-added textra emoji's
-updated notifyclean
-removed XVolume SkipTrack (fixed volwake)

-added crossbreeder back ( with own tweaks )
-removed seeder
-removed CRT (now as flashable zip )
-removed volwake (now as flashable zip )
-added XVolume SkipTrack (xposed thx @mt3g )
-updated dashclock
-other changes and fixes

-fixed gallery highlights share issue
-fixed remote controller in tv center
-fixed browser url ( better readable)
-fixed input lines
-updated notifyclean
-added htc media link (aroma option)

-fixed inverted theme bug (now font size is working. thx basil3 and ViNOK16Bit )
-fixed progress sound button glitch
-embed intense Blast (thx to ZeroInfinity link)
-removed no lock
-lowered brightness levels (new own values)
-added textra back
-new own icon theme
-new wallpapers
-new bootanimation (thx @langer hans)

-rebuild on 4.06.1540.3 base props @09Ram
-changed aroma script ( no lost apps in data/app anymore )
-updated supersu ( v1.86 )
-updated v4a audio
-updated apex lauchner
-added nolock to aroma (if you want to disable aosp lockscreen)
-Eragon Brightness Slider (xposed, thx to langer hans )
-reduced rom size
-other changes and fixes

-fixed wifi issue (thx @baadnewz)
-fixed lockscreen issue
-fixed dialog color glitch
-fixed browser url (readable)
-updated supersu ( v1.85)
-updated nova lauchner (official 2.3)
-updated gmail again
-updated hangouts (no theme atm)
-added stock animation to aroma ( disabled crt animation )
-themed rom more
-moved mifile root explorer to aroma
-moved lmt pie to aroma
-modified framework a bit more
-readded seeder (aroma)

-new from scratch
-cleaned up rom
-removed flashlight
-added back notifyclean
-added lmt pie to system
-inverted black/gray/blue theme
-updated gmail
-updated xposed ( 2.4.1 )
-removed textra (new sms/mms app thx hell00)

-fixed button light,due to lyapota mod (thx w00dstock)

-fixed hotspot password bug
-added volwake to aroma
-updated textra
-added LMT Pie back (with option to delete it, thx noname81)
-readded lyapota eqs (aosp themed thx w00dstock)
-other changes in framework
-themed rom more

-Rebased on kitkat 4.4 base 4.06.1540.2
-fixed musik visualizer with lyrics
-updated playstore 4.5.10 (themed)
-added crt-off
-aosp/sense hybrid
-enabled EQS quicksettings
-choose launcher (aroma, apex,nova,xperia)
-lockscreen remake
-GE sound/alarms/notifications
-GE themed system_ui
-GE themed Dailer

-support for at&t , t-mob and sprint devices (thx baadnewz & hawknest)
-fixed statusbar cut off (density 406)
-kitkat 4.4 own statusbar theme
-resources themed more (black and gray)
-updated supersu (beta v 1.76 fixed binary )
-updated textra
-added Dashclock (thx Roman Nurik)
-added nova launcher 2.3 (beta3) kitkat theme support
-new own wallpapers
-other changes and fixes

-themed it lighter (no black on black anymore)
-updated supersu (v1.69)
-updated textra
-updated hangouts (themed, v 2.0.128)
-updated adaway
-modified system more
-set lcd density 390
-back to apex launcher

-back to stock look (have to theme it better)
-lowered 50% button brightness
-Kitkat icons (bluetooth,vibrate,silent)
-themed system_ui a bit more
-updated google mail
-updated hangouts v2.0.012 v2 (themed)
-updated google service
-updated notifyclean
-updated viperXaudio
-updated Textra
-removed unnecessary stuff from framework

-fixed hangout on video call
-inverted hangout v2.0.012 (latest)
-inverted new playstore v4.4.22 (latest)

-fixed charging icons
-themed new battery
-inverted system
-added 4.4 google keyboard
-added 4.4 deskclock
-added 4.4 hangouts (now with sms)
-added zeroediting (highlights) back
-added htc musik back
-modified lauchner more
-modified lockscreen a bit more
-slightly reduced autobrightness again
-slightly reduced button brightness

-fixed lockscreen
(prevent it from update because after it ,it will not work..)
-updated textra
(fixed mms issue)

-removed gravity (not needed anymore)
-add recent kill button (xposed thx Juja01)
-new Lockscreen
-removed google DNS Tweaks

-rebased to 3.62.401.1
-updated all apps
-changed DPI to 425
-removed wifi tweaks (now default)
-add lmt Launcher
-add gravity box (thx C3C076 link)
-add xposed (thx rovo89 link)
-add notifyclean (thx defim link)
-themed system more
-themed framework more
-modified button brightness
-modified system more
-updated V4A to latest

-rebased to 3.57.401.500
-updated dpi hacked playstore 4.4.21
-updated textra
-updated google service
-removed quick boot
-removed ez weather
-removed htc lockscreen
-add eye in the sky weather
-themed framework/system more
-modified framework more
-modified brightness again
-cleaned up build.prop
-removed unnecessary files
-updated lyapota mod parts

incremental rc6.5
-fixed statusbar glitch on lockscreen

-dpi hacked playstore (thx MyLifeRocks10)
-modifi launcher to smoothness
(no need to set ip up in scrolling speed etc.. anymore)
-reduced rom size a bit more
-fixed battery jump bug (hopefully)
-lowered autobrightness
-themed framework more to own icons
-themed system more
-removed weather apps/sync
-added new aosp themed weather
-added kill back button (thx w00dstock)
-updated apps
-Website Bypass tweaks
-net_buffer/Wireless Speed Tweaks
-ram_optimize more
-removed some apps

incremental rc5.5
fixed sense tv apk (ir remote)

-rebased to Base 3.22.1540.1
-removed aroma
-reorientation to AOSP
(anything else can be flashed seperate)
-changed lcd_density to 400
-reduced rom size
-updated mifile explorer
-updated apps
-no data section anymore
(error prevention when fullwipe)
-themed Hangout (thanks @Gunthermic link
-updated lyapota modpack (thx @w00dstock)
-themed system more
-themed framework more
-added Textra mms
-more tweaks
(like Faster Streaming ,Battery Tweaks ,Deeper Sleep ,
Performance and more..)

-rebased on 3.17.401.2 link props LlabTooFeR
-openGL ES 3.0
-updated apps
-updated super su
-embed pure X sound (thx ZeroInfinity)
-fixedSystem RW
-now apex launcher (for testing)
-ported Lyapota EQS recoder (thx w00dstock)
-removed some apps
-added all languages into rom
-back to stock fonts
-removed crossbreeder
-added seeder

-fixed host file
-fixed power amp issue
-updated apps
-updated super to v1.60
-removed unnecessary stuff
-modified default.xml
-tweak for Better Flashlight intensity & camera-flash quality
-increased scrolling responsiveness
-increased jpg quality to 100%.
-increased wifi scan interval
-added oneX volumetones
-added zipalginer script
-added htc themed keyboard
-added new fonts (concept)
-added capacity button lights app link
-updated busybox 1.21.1 (stericson)
-updated V4A Audio

-new from scratch
-fixed Htc share
-reduced rom size (~325mb)
-fixed Adaway
(thanks to atze001 for report and testing)
-fixed Browser search dont respond
-added aosp apollo music
-black themed playstore
-improved lock/unlock sound (oneX)
-added apm
-added crt-off
-added new notification sounds
-disabled power saver notification
-enabled noise cancel
-added Halo XHFW
-themed/modified framework a bit more
-full gpu rendering
-bravia engine 3 tweak
-Disable sending data and logging

-Initial Release

Aosp Recent apps with no app limit!!
memory manager (Increase the minfree values for more free ram... Lower them for more multitasking)
quick reboot app
toggles app
3 dot menu disabled
crossbreeder smoothness
open vpn
removed Boot_up Sound
nova launcher
Aosp 4.3 keyboard
quick system info
mifile Explorer
patched service.jar
(Non sense App limit & Die-Hard Launcher) link
supersu Chainfire
shortcut provider
aosp clock
Engine Flush-O-Matic
viper4Android FX 4.3
modify System
modify Framework
black Hangout/gmail
highly customized



Rom -->>


  1. Connectez votre mobile à votre ordinateur.

  2. Copiez/collez le fichier rom.zip à la racine de votre Sd card.

  3. Éteignez votre mobile.

  4. Redémarrez votre mobile en bootloader mode en appuyant simultanément sur les touches Volume Bas + Power jusqu'à l'apparition du menu hboot.

  5. Sélectionnez Recovery.

  6. Votre appareil redémarre dans le menu du TWRP Recovery

  7. Faites une sauvegarde de votre système actuel en choisissant Backup

  8. Effectuez un Factory Reset / Wipe Cache /Wipe Dalvik

  9. Cliquez sur -->>Install -> rechercher le zip désiré -> sélectionnez le -> et faites glissez de la gauche vers la droite pour l'installer : Swipe to confirm flash

  10. Redémarrez votre mobile en sélectionnant Reboot System

  11. Patientez, votre mobile va redémarrer avec la nouvelle rom.

Si vous êtes en S-ON

1. Mettez le zip de la Rom et les GAPPS (s'il y en a) sur la SD

2. Aller dans le recovery et faites un backup de votre Rom

3.Démarrez votre HTC en mode bootloader en appuyant sur les touches Volume bas + power

4.Mettez le en Fastboot USB

5. Extraire le boot.img de la Rom et mettez le dans le dossier Fastboot

6. Tapez

S'il vous plaît, Connexion ou S'inscrire to view codes content!

7.Redemarrez en recovery

8. Faîtes un Wipe data, cache et dalvik

9. Flashez la Rom et les GAPPS

10. Rebootez

Vos retours sont les bienvenus​


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