[Rom custom][KitKat 4.4.2] BeanStalk UNOFFICIAL Build - Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005



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Comment Installer la ROM CUSTOM BeanStalk UNOFFICIAL Build ?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005


Avertissement : Cette opération comporte des risques. Ni moi ni Phonandroid ne peuvent être tenu responsables des éventuels problèmes rencontrés. Pensez à effectuer une sauvegarde avant d'installer cette rom!!
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  • Un Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005
  • Avoir installé les drivers USB fourni avec le mobile ( Voir tutoriel :
  • Un Recovery Custom ( Voir tutoriel :
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  • Assurez vous d'avoir une batterie chargée au maximum (mini 75%)


La rom est compatible avec le bootloader Android kitKat 4.4.2​

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BeanStalk 4.4.249- 2/17/2014
Remove download notification after preview
Fix crash of torch app
Add option for waking up the screen when a new SMS/MMS is received
Fix for Transifex
Add support for display the volume panel in translucent mode
Fix red border flash
Fix auto-rotate

BeanStalk 4.4.247 - 2/14/2014
Added PIE - All credit to slimrom devs
Added BS Platlogo (thanks skyliner for drawables)
Port SmoothProgressBar: User Custom ProgressBar Setting - thanks hany
Cleaned up display settings
Large recents
recents background color
Fixed tablet menus
Improve apps ops detail screen
Added chameleon Gesture anywhere (thanks hany for the port job)
Added back xposed app
Add option to access xposed from settings - Thanks Hany
Plenty more, but im tired and going to bed.

BeanStalk 4.4.240 - 2/3/2014
* Fixed settings app languages issues
* Day and week on data cycle option
* Super advanced custom toggle
* Navbar and dpi improvements
* Audio Themes! (Please visit the omni audio themes page for instructions and sound packs!)
* Custom notification header
* Breathing icons (mms, missed call, voicemail)
* Lockscreen Notifications!
* Multi window! (Still a WIP, but much improved from 4.3 implementation. If you open an app in multi window mode, you need to either close out of the app or remove it from recents history or it will keep the multi window form. Also, Multi window option is disabled when HALO is active to avoid issues with HALO layout)
* dont disable lockscreen widgets on low memory devices
* Made HALO window moveable and scaleable
* Add Dialer suggestions and reverse lookup
* lights: Add music light support
* Numerous improvements throughout the build
* I know there are a ton of additions and features i forgot to mention

BeanStalk 4.4.205 - 12/31/2013
* Added CPU info option (developer settings)
* Fast Torch option (controlled by holding power button when screen is off)
* Added IME features (languages and input settings)
* Made clear recents button configurable
* Ported circle memory meter for recents
* SlimROM chamber of secrets option (developer options)
* Quick sound record title
* Updated TRDS with newer drawables
* Updated brightness status bar slider code
* New screen record built in app with customizable options from beanstalk display options
* Screen record option can also record audio
* Made the power menu profile switcher optional and fixed the implementation which allows it to follow current power menu style layouts that the user defines. (disabled by default)
* Added screen recorder power menu option (disabled by default)
* Double tap to sleep gesture
* Expanded TRDS to numerous system apps
* MMS bubbles from slimrom
* NUMEROUS fixes and improvements throughout.

BeanStalk 4.4.200 - 12/18/2013
* Fixed variable lock pattern issue. Works as it should now.
* Add lockscreen rotation as an optional rotation setting
* Forward ported power widgets - located in quicksettings and notification drawer menu.
* Ported fixes and additional power widgets
* Option to set active/inactive colors for power widgets
* Option to set headset to launch voice commands
* Allow to disable quicksettings completely
* fix for screenshot animation glitch in portrait
* new busy dlg animation from skyliner
* Quicksettings fliptile when clicking a tile
* AudioEffect: Add a stereo widener effect
* AudioFX: Add center frequency param to bassboost
* update icons and remove cm specific icons.
* allow disabling call end sound
* QS: make dynamic tiles configurable
* Custom lockscreen handle
* Beanstalk shortcut options (this is all slims work, just renamed to beanstalk)
* Custom carrier label
* Added brightness slider (swipe status bar to control brightness when enabled)
* Updated density changer to set density on the fly. No longer requires a reboot!
* Wake on connect/disconnect option
* Numerous fixes and improvements throughout the build

BeanStalk 4.4.015 - 12/04/2013
* Readded QuickSettings from CM.
* Suspend Actions and Wakelock Blocker
* Fix Navbar for devices with hardware keys
* Expanded desktop
* Configurable device rotation
* Active Display
* LockScreen Targets
* Disable full screen keyboard in landscape mode.
* Force show enter key in keyboard
* Built in screen recorder (volume up + power to activate and disable)
* Quick Unlock
* Brought back all lockscreen widget settings
* Implement a pin keypad shuffler
* Add gesture based lockscreen security.
* Add support for variable size pattern lockscreen
* Port forward chameleon App sidebar
* Allow disabling non intrusive incall UI
* Less notification sounds
* Added back button settings
* Changed previous settings layout a bit
* Added build.prop modder
* NUMEROUS additions and fixes scattered across the build
* Current CM sources


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Gapps -->>
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Avertissement : Sauvegardez votre dossier EFS avant l'installation

Connectez votre mobile à votre ordinateur.

  1. Copiez/collez le fichier .zip à la racine de votre Sd card.
  2. Éteignez votre mobile.
  3. Appuyez simultanément sur les touches Volume Haut + Home + Power pour redémarrer en recovery.
  4. Commencez par faire une sauvegarde de votre rom actuelle en sélectionnant Backup & Restore puis Backup.
  5. Puis, sélectionnez Wipe data/factory reset puis validez sur Yes.
  6. Sélectionnez Wipe cache partition puis validez sur Yes.
  7. Sélectionnez Advanced puis Wipe Dalvik cache et validez sur Yes.
  8. Ensuite, sélectionnez install zip from sdcard dans le menu Recovery.
  9. Puis, sélectionnez Choose zip from sdcard.
  10. Enfin, choisissez le fichier .zip et validez sur Yes.
  11. Enfin, sélectionnez Reboot System Now lorsque vous avez terminé
  12. Votre mobile va redémarrer. Soyez patient au premier redémarrage.

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