android 5.1.1

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    Comment créer un site web?

    I want to create a website for my company, but the problem is that I have no technical knowledge in coding and web development. AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. Can you suggest me a platform that can do this for me?
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    Are you bored ?

    Hey , members of this amazing forums . as i said in the title "Are you bored" . if yes i think i have a solution for you . Amoxe is a small start up that creat some little games hyper casual games . simple in graphics but hard in the gameplay . if you are interseted you can visit...
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    Recuperer une conversation whatsapp sans rooter mon Android

    Bonjour Bon voila jai un galaxy j3 2016 5.1.1 , javais un bon bout de temps effacé une conversation bien avant la sauvegarde , Sachant que je navais pas ce temps la activé la sauvegarde de google drive ... et la jai vraiment besoin de cette conversation avec ses photos mais tout ce que je...
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